One is Four

1 reigns in prominence, the Sun

2 married stars, the Sun and Moon

3 light waves generating One

4 shining brightly like the Noon


5 stones with wings to win the battle

5 prey birds driven from the nest

6 the Arch-Enemy when rattled

7 He one-uped him in His rest


8 newborn Earth beneath the Sunlight

9 rays empowering its runners

10 hurdles set to taunt the Moonlight

11 adrenaline of overcomers


12 fathers giving seed for nations

12 mothers bearing in their wombs

40 hours of labor, faith, and patience

50 flowers jubilant at bloom


1 the only whole without a count

2 the only even also prime

3 universal mystical amount

4 the double’s double, love shall chime


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