The likes of a ground-needy creature like me

Caught in the toss of the wind, so send me.

Though I can’t fend for myself, nerves on my skin,

In the power of her majesty the ocean’s bend.

Sensitive wants of my face,

Spitting out the taste of the wind-riders,

The fast-spinning haste of tiny gliders,

Once in my eyes I am blind to my way,

I am prey

To the beating of sky,

The biting of sea,

And the eating of earth.


Have your way

With me.

I will lay face down, body and ground flush,

And let the particles rush in,

Till I can crush them beneath my teeth,

And mush them against my tongue,

And usher them down my throat,

And let my eyes gush with tears of objection.


I will lay arms wide, under the mighty gale,

As it slaps me like a stingray

And plays with my hair,

And my skirt is the sail of the day.


And then I will stand with the sands

Pouring out of my spread hands,

Carried and cleansed through the open glands.


And I’ll walk till my feet

Start to bleed at the ice of the shore,

And I’ll only walk, but the waves love to leap,

Taking my floor, pillars nothing to bear,

Throwing my soar, outstretched with no air,

Unanimous yes of the four,

Engulf me down in the deep.


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