What matters most about the word, “Matter”

Why do we so critique the written word as if it were something? No. It is nothing. It is only there to describe or to imitate real existence, through the power of the mind, which can create most anything and pretend it’s real. It is there to tap into the brain’s power to create sensations and sounds and situations and emotions.

Real life is the hero. And these words, they are here to document it, or if it’s what we call fiction, it’s an abstract reflection of it. It’s all photography really. Writing is just photography. Or film or whatever.

So when I write, I struggle to get away from the page if I can, to get my eyes off those silly words, which are nothing, in and of themselves. To keep my mind with my emotions, and with my senses, to stare at the wall in front of me as I type, or to look that way while staring within. The words are only the flowers. It is the roots I want to water.

It is the same way when I pray. If I begin to think about the prayer, to evaluate whether it is beautiful or whether it is dry, then I no longer can pray, and it is never beautiful. But if I keep my eyes on the Beauty…… the beautiful words can’t stop. They just can’t. They just can’t stop because they don’t matter. It’s what they’re describing that matters.


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