Well I saw him in the garden
The one they call Gethsemane
He said when I was in the garden
Did I have a single enemy?

And I remembered in the garden
He took the blood debt of them all
Loved every one with equal passion,
Took every burden great and small

And I remembered in the garden
They came with weapons as for war
They came expecting to be enemies
But he repaired the severed ear

He said if I had not an enemy
On that day of violent blood
So should you never have an enemy
Who is composed of flesh and blood.

And here we take our ideologies
And loft them high up in the air
We think they justify hostility
But he repaired the severed ear

And we hold dear to what was done to us
As excuse to retaliate,
When attacked, we’re hero victims.
When we attack, we’re hero hate

And even those who stand against the hate
Come to hate the so-called haters
Come to view them just as enemies
Now aren’t we all retaliators?

No single person can claim innocence
From forming judgments of another
From conjuring up a hostile image
Of human sister, human brother

No tolerance can end the massacre
Of grudges great in every heart,
No tolerance can cover up the pain
No tolerance can heal the scars

No tolerance, but yes the mercy
It can change us once for all
The impartial mass compassion
That bore the burdens great and small

None other body can hush the feud
None other person sheath the sword
None but the bridge of reconciliation
Between the Father and the world


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