Masked Off

Masking tape, masking me,

Bound in the sticky strips tightening,

So that I can play hide and seek,

I can feel safe here

Staring at the blackness and feeling the shelter of this cove,

Unseen, unknown,

I don’t have to feel anymore the negligence of response,

As I offer up my lollipop and nobody tastes it,

I don’t have to feel alone anymore

If I make myself completely alone.


Take it off. I know

We need to take it off,

But I don’t want to.

To dance alone makes me feel like a statue.

I would rather be a statue.

To breathe alone makes me feel suffocated.

I would rather not breathe.

And to see alone makes it feel gray.

I would rather stay in the fog.


But I can be brave.

My heart can be strong.

I can touch the faces of mummies

And hold their cheekbones like they are still alive.

I can stare, I will stare

Into flittering eyes.


The White Space

Step into the white space, my friend.

White beneath you, but no floor.

White above you, but no ceiling.

White around you, but no door.

When you quit your search for structure,

You will find that the White is Light.


Do you object that you cannot see,

Where you are going and where you will be?

Is it boxed in that you feel?

When you are held in by mercy’s arms.  


Do you object still,

Demanding to see outside the window,

And to feel the earth beneath your feet,

To squirm after knowledge like it is your safety,

And after control like it’s your security?


Must I remind you of the black space, my friend?

Of the days when you saw, but it all looked plain to you?

And you felt, but it all felt numb to you?

And you knew so much, but all you knew was how much you didn’t know?

And you planned, but it still escaped you?

Until you weren’t sure of anything anymore,

And finally you fell into a black space,



Step into the white space, my friend.

Lean on Light.

Put all your weight on the weightlessness.

And look.

Look at what your eyes were made to see. 

Psalm 27


He’s my light. Bing! He shines, radiates affirmation energy, an uplifting that you know comes from an undying source.

He’s my Yeshuwah. Hebrew for rescue, protection, liberation. The name we call his Son by.

If Father is Light to me, if Father is Liberation to me,

Then whom should I be afraid of? And who should intimidate me?

Many things are trying to trap me in darkness,

But Light and Liberation are clinging to me,

Following me like loyal companions.

Father is with me.


Father is the one who holds my life.

Again, who could even touch me?


When the dark side attacks me in the night,

Threatening to suffocate me,

It is the dark side that is rebuked and humiliated.

Even if everything in life opposed me,

If the government came after me,

If the systems accused me,

If the strong-willed judged me,

If the haters tried to harm me,

If everyone forgot about me,

If all the help neglected me,

My heart wouldn’t be afraid.

Even if entire societies raged against me in an uproar,

I would still be confident.


I’m only asking Father for one thing.

And there’s only one thing I’m looking for.

To dwell in his house, as he dwells in my house,

All the days of my life.

To gaze on his beauty,

And to interact with the One within me.

I don’t have to worry about anything else

Because it’s all taken care of.

Even when I’m having a bad day,

And everything’s going wrong for me,

He promises to protect me in our house.

He hides me away.

We have secret places we go that no one else knows about.

Even in public places, we reside in secret.

In that place behind the scenes,

He is always exalting me.

On the highest peak I am shining for him.


So even when everybody’s shaking fingers at me,

I am secure in my high honor.

In our sacred shared spaces, I will offer Father my heart,

With bellowing laughter and shrieks of joy.

And then I will sing with all my heart,

And I will compose music just for him. 


Oh dear Father, respond when I address you.

Overlook my mistakes.

Wash them away like they never were.

Answer me.

My heart of hearts whispers,

“Look for his dear face.”

Your face, Father, I look for it.

Don’t deny me access to you. Don’t be angry at me.

You’ve always helped me.

Don’t reject me. Don’t abandon me.

Oh Father. Oh Yeshuwah. Liberator.

Teach me how you do it Father. How you think, speak, and act. Teach me to do it too.

Lead me straight ahead with no detours,

Because my oppressors are trying to get me off track.

Don’t let Satan get what he wants with me.

And anyone who wishes harm against me, don’t let them ever see it.

You know how all these ridiculous accusations are in the air, against me.

They are blatantly opposing me.


But like I said, I will stay confident of this:

I will see the goodness of my Father on this side of life.

Wait for Father, everyone.

Be strong and take courage in your heart.

Wait for Father. Trust me on this.  


Diamond Voices

Tall and proud they stand,


By the wind of wings spanned

Wider than the horizon,

Which rise as high and grand as the sky,

Then fall with force and land with gusto

Across an earth that burns to fly.

Hair blowing in the flight of the wings,

Flowing to the rhythm of singing choruses,

Alive with the beat,

Alive like a forest,

They raise their heels from floors,

And place their feet

To the wing beat,

Ba-beat, ba-beat,

Ba-beat, ba-beat,

Take a seat.

Introducing the council of diamond voices,

Risin from lone islands,

They gather to make choices,

Stirring up the distant noises,

Climbin with momentum to chime in,

and challenge what Simon says.

Speaking from new places,

From the lovely array of inner spaces,

The mazes,

That were called too complicated,

And so locked up into cases,

And if opened, they were called cases,

Cases of craze.

But the cases are warping into vases,

And  displaying roses,

The standard pose erases,

The same ways that were called weakness

Are blooming like oasis.

And giving off a fragrance

Filling endless words and phrases,

With outspokenness.

The traces of brokenness fading,

New life radiating,

On their self-reflecting faces.

Let the high places that step

Toward the unjust direction,


For the women are speaking from their depths,

With full inflection.

When the meek speak,

From the places that ache,

When the soft stakes aloft,

The mountain will break.

When the fragile turns agile,

The world will shake.

A Quarter After Nine

A quarter after nine

Tell me the difference between your heart and mine

A day wound up

The final wound moments for full words and wine

If music were to play

It’d be almost eerie as we skate on our day

If someone were to sing

It’d echo like a winter bird ready for spring

If the moon were like sun

It would cue us to know when our talking was done

But the dark doesn’t change,

And so we dissolve into hours unarranged

If I wrote of the past,

I’d journal those moments into memories that last.

But this I’ve neglected,

So they’ll stay in the darkness, in realms undetected

And no other will know

Of the fragment of life where the night passes slow

And even we will forget,

Our exchanges that had no agendas inset

But when morning arrives

To awaken productivity back into our lives,

All the dull will taste fine,

Due to hearts that were drifting for hours past nine